Cuomo Confirms Deal to Close Indian Point Nuclear Plant

The risks associated with the Indian Point Nuclear Plant in New York is tremendous which I highlighted in my research paper A Fukushima-Like Disaster in New York City and Possible Issues Associated with the Extreme Event Management System which was published on December 9, 2016. A month later, the decision to permanently shut down the plant was made. What a coincident?

This following is the news published by the New York Times on January 9, 2017.

The Indian Point nuclear power plant north of New York City has been supplying low-cost electricity to the metropolitan area for more than 50 years. But to hear Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo tell it, New Yorkers will hardly miss Indian Point.

Mr. Cuomo announced on Monday that the state had reached an agreement with the plant’s operator, Entergy, to shut it down by April 2021. He minimized the effects the closure would have on the power grid, electric bills, workers and the regional economy.