Hidalgo County Emergency Management prepared for storms

Tuesday, June 12th 2018

By Jolanie Martinez

With hurricane season well underway, people across the country are getting ready for what storms may make landfall.

Dr. Dean Kyne is one of the UTRGV professors studying the Valley’s ability to prepare and bounce back from hurricanes.

Kyne emphasized the importance of being prepared for a natural disaster, as it may take many years to recover from, depending on the severity of the impact.

"It is better to prepare and build resiliency so that the recovery process will be faster and we can bounce back to our normal condition,” explained Kyne.

However, getting ready for a storm includes the efforts of county and state officials, like the Emergency Management for Hidalgo County.

"The precincts have already been working on their projects, just getting their vacuum trucks, water trucks [and] all their pumps working in operations,” said Ricardo Saldana, Emergency Management Coordinator.

Saldana adds that they have been educating residents on what they can do to protect the community before the storm, like taking care of sidewalk drains by keeping them clear of debris or grass and after landfall.

“If you can avoid staying at the home afterwards because what usually happens if mold builds up, it will impact some families health wise," Saldana said.

Key things to remember when preparing for a storm is to take a picture of your property, make sure all windows are intact and create a “go-pack” that includes your insurance cards, birth certificate and social security card.

It is also advised that you have cash on hand and if you know an elderly person with no home or place to go, take them with you.