Dr. Dean Kyne

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Research Interests

(1) Environmental Disasters
      Hurricane Evacuation
      Evacuation Decision Making
      Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation
      Disaster Resiliency and Sustainability
      Integrated Disaster Management Approach
      Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Management
(2) Environmental Justice
      Disaster Risks and Environmental Justice   
      Exposure to Toxic Release Inventories (TRI)
      Nuclear Radiation and Environmental Justice
(3) Urban and Non-Urban Risks and Public Health
(4) Disaster Resiliency and Social Capital


Disaster Preparedness of Individuals Living in Rio Grande Valley in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey Disaster

This study examines the disaster preparedness of individuals living in the Rio Grande Valley. The study identify the objective and subjective preparedness of the individuals living in the study area.


Factors Affecting Individual Disaster Preparedness in Rio Grande Valley

This study investigates factors that influence disaster preparedness of individuals living in Rio Grande Valley.

1. Dean Kyne, Principle Investigator
2. William Donner, Co-Principal Investigator

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Service Learning in Disaster Studies

This study describes how service learning could be designed in disaster studies. This study explains ways to incorporate service learning in disaster studies based on a graduate course conducted in Fall 2017.

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Understanding Hurricane Harvey and Challenges for Evacuation

This study examines dynamic nature of hurricane Harvey and its challenges for evacuation especially in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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Irma: A Nuclear Hurricane

This study investigates hurricane Irma's power, strength, destruction and havoc in the Caribbean and on its way towards Florida.