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What is experiential learning?

"Experiential Learning" is an experience or activity where you apply content from your courses to reinforce your learning. What are some examples of experiential learning?
Experiential learning can take the form of many experiences and scenarios, such as:

  • Field work (collecting data, posing a hypothesis and conducting lab work or testing to solve a problem)

  • Supervised original academic research (data collection, analysis, and reviewed results)

  • Creating a public document (presentation or product delivered to an audience beyond your instructor and classroom peers) 


Attractions and Distinguished Features

The MADS exhibition booth included some attractive features, (1) a 10' x 10' popup backdrop, (2) a photo booth, (3) two iPad Kiosk stands, (4)  a backdrop poster, and (5) free t-shirts with Disaster Studies logo. 

An Impressive Turnout

The exhibition lasted 180 minutes (3 hours) from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm. On average, there were one visitor at the booth at every two minutes (a total of 90 visitors). 70 out of 90 registered in online registration form provided via two iPad Kiosk stands. Visitors also completed the registration form on their smart phone devices. 47 out of 70 expressed their intention to apply  an admission to the program.


An invitation card



Captured moments

Ribbon Cutting.jpg

From left to right: Dr. Dave Jackson, Dean, Graduate College, Dr. Pamela L. Anderson-Mejías, Senior Associate Dean,
College of Liberal Arts, Dr. William Donner, Director, MA Disaster Studies program, and Dr. Ramon Guerra, Chairperson, Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

After ribbon cutting.JPG
Thank you Volunteers.JPG


Our hearty appreciation goes to the graduate students in MA Disaster Studies program who volunteered at the boot. From left to right: Ramon Martinez; Xochilth Roman; Diana Chimal; Yajaira Ayala; Gabriela Rodrigue and Nicolas Crane



A popular photo booth

Dr. Jackson MA Disaster Studies Booth.jpg
Dr. Donner MA Disaster Studies Booth.jpg
Dean_Thomas_Lucas_Graduate Fair 2018 03082018.jpg
Dean Kyne shaking hands.JPG
Dean Kyne.jpg
Crowd 2.JPG
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Crowd 4.JPG