An Initiative to Promote Students’ Engagement in Academic Research Studies in Disaster and Emergency Management



The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) is transforming itself into a research-oriented university. To achieve the defined goal of the university, Dr. Dean Kyne believes that students' engagement in academic research studies is vital. Dr. Kyne encourages his students to engage in conducting research in disaster studies. To promote students to academically engage in conducting research, Dr. Kyne has the following objectives.

1. Develop a course in which students are provided opportunities to engage in conducting research studies.

2. Encourage students to participate in conferences and present their studies’ findings.

3. Encourage students to co-author and publish together with Dr. Kyne in peer-reviewed journals.


1. A group of students participated in a symposium organized by the Graduate College and won second place.

2. An undergraduate student co-authored and published in a peer-reviewed journal.

3. A group of graduate students in MA Disaster Studies recently published a manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal.

4. A group of graduate students in MA Disaster Studies completed a manuscript to publish in a peer-reviewed journal.


1. Student Poster Presentation


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2. Student Participation in Research Projects


Individual disaster preparedness in Rio Grande Valley


Summary of findings.png

Characteristics of population exposed to storm surge risks in coastal area