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Staff Reporter

EDINBURG – To help find creative solutions to sustainable waste management practices, students in the UTRGV Environmental Sociology program will dedicate their weekend learning the ins and outs of the City of Edinburg’s Department of Solid Waste Management.

The activity is part of a service-learning partnership in which graduate and undergraduates in the UTRGV program will:

· Learn about the activities of the municipal Solid Waste Management department.

· Receive updates regarding activities in managing solid waste and community need-based issues in Edinburg.

· Familiarize themselves with crucial aspects of waste management, and engage in dialogue with the administrators at the department.

In addition, participating students will be tasked with finding creative solutions to address community need-based issues for long-term sustainable waste management practices. Their discoveries will be presented to the administrators at the Solid Waste Management department in the future.

“This event is greatly beneficial to everyone in our local community. It showcases the partnership between the community and the university, while addressing challenges to achieve environmental sustainability,” said Dr. Dean Kyne, assistant professor, UTRGV Environmental Sociology.

To learn more about the event, contact Dalinda L. Cardenas at or Kyne at